Common Questions and Answers about Floor Stripping & Waxing

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At Triad Cleaning Crew, we are passionate about providing you with the best in cleaning services. We are consistently seeking new ways to provide you with superior cleaning work. One of the services we offer is floor stripping & waxing.

Common Questions and Answers about Floor Stripping & Waxing

What is Floor Stripping & Waxing? 

Floor stripping & waxing is a process that involves completely removing the existing layers of wax and applying a new layer that will leave your floor looking clean and shiny. It is most commonly done on vinyl, linoleum, epoxy, acrylic and VCT flooring to keep the floors from looking scratched, dirty and dull. 

How Often Should it be Done? 

The frequency of this service should be based on the level of traffic on your floors as well as the type of establishment. For many businesses it is recommended that you get the floors stripped and waxed about every six months, but our professionals can help you determine the best schedule for your floors.

What Are the Benefits to Floor Stripping & Waxing? 

  • Keep floors looking clean and new – Your floor will be better protected against dents and scratches and will look clean with less effort.
  • Extend longevity of your flooring – Regular stripping & waxing helps prevent tile from lifting and becoming damaged by water.
  • Prevent discoloring and dulling – High traffic can wear down your color and shine. Waxing & stripping prevents the dirt and debris of high traffic from harming your floors.

We know you will be thrilled with benefits you see from this service. To learn more about our floor stripping & waxing or other floor cleaning services, give us a call today.