Floor Restoration, Winston-Salem, NC

Beautify your existing floors with our floor restoration solutions.

If your business’ floors no longer look like new, you may have started to formulate plans to replace them. Whether you have tile, hardwood, or concrete flooring, hold off on replacing your floors and instead invest in floor restoration.

Floor Restoration in Winston-Salem, NC

Floor restoration involves returning floors to their original beauty and condition (or as close to like-new condition as possible). A cost-effective alternative to fully replacing your floors, our floor restoration services are designed to get great results for tile, concrete, and hardwood flooring. In addition to floor restoration, we also offer stripping and waxing services to complete any job.

At Triad Cleaning Crew, our talented team can renew and refresh floors in nearly any condition. For example, we can refinish your wood floors so that they are no longer cracked or splintering in certain places. Or, if your tile floors are stained and lack their original shine, we can come in and improve their overall appearance, making each individual tile look like new.

Before getting started, we will assess the state of your flooring and determine if floor restoration will achieve the results you want. In most cases, floor restoration is a possibility and a cost-effective alternative to fully replacing your worn-out, damaged flooring.

Even though your floors might currently look unfixable, they may not be a lost cause, especially when you bring our floor restoration professionals into the equation. To get a quote for floor restoration services and to see some of the work we’ve done in businesses in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area, contact us today.